L.A. in Focus

June 2015 Neil Zlozower: Legendary Rock Photographer
April 2015 Edward Colver & the Birth of Hardcore Punk from its Inception
March 2015  Robert Crane on “Sex, Celebrity, and My Father’s Unsolved Murder”
February 2015  Gary Leonard Makes the Music Go Bang
January 2015  Jenny Lens: Punk Pioneer
September 2014 John Canemaker & Christina Rice / Lost & Found: The Los Angeles Photographs of Herman Schultheis
September 2014  Out of the Shadows and Into the Spotlight: Resurrecting Hollywood’s Stories
September 2014  Harvey Kubernik – Turn Up the Radio! Rock, Pop and Roll in Los Angeles 1956-1972
August 2014  Gary Leonard in Conversation with LA Observed’s Kevin Roderick
June 2014  Jeffrey Schwartz: Rock & Roll Seen: Los Angeles Through the Lens of Chuck Boyd, 1965-1969
June 2014  Carina Monica Montoya: Drive the California Dream, Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles County
May 2014  Marc Chevalier: “The Corner,” Ground Zero of Hollywood’s Golden Age
March 2014  David Boule: The Orange and the Dream of California
February 2014 Stephen Gee: Iconic Vision – John Parkinson, Architect of Los Angeles
November 2013 Kathy Kobayashi: Shades of L.A. Revisited
September 2013 Beth Gates Warren:  Artful Lives – Edward Weston, Margrethe Mather, and the Bohemians of Los Angeles
August 2013 Darrell Rooney: Harlow in Hollywood
July 2013 Dennis Reed: Making Waves – Modernist Photographs by Japanese Americans, Los Angeles, 1920-1940
June 2013 Joan Renner: Sleeping Beauties – Deranged L.A. Crimes from the Notebook of Aggie Underwood
April 2013 J. Eric Lynxwiler with Tony Urbano & Alan Cook: Turnabout Puppet Theatre
March 2013 Tales from the Los Angeles Herald Examiner
February 2013 Zed Adams & Eric Lynxwiler: A City of Fakes – History of Themed Environments in Los Angeles
September 2012 John Bengtson: Silent Footsteps
June 2012 David Davis: Photo Finish – The Olympic Games in Los Angeles, 1932 and 1984
May 2012 Stefano Block: Painting Bombing and Buffing L.A.’s Freeway Walls – The Birth, Life, and Slow Death of the Olympic Festival Murals
March 2012 Kevin Roderick: Images from the LAPL Photo Collection – Valley Edition
December 2011 Weston Naef & Jennifer Watts: Los Angeles Through the Lens of Carlton Watkins
October 2011 Joan Renner: Gold Diggers & Snake Handlers – Deranged L.A. Crimes from the Notebook of Aggie Underwood
July 2011 Anne Laskey, Shannon Simonds, & Eric Lynxwiler: The Wilshire Slides, 1978-79
March 2011 Eric Lynxwiler: The Kelly-Holiday Mid-Century Aerial Collection


Additional Programs

August 2014 Ilana Turner: Great Actresses of the Past
February 2014 Christina Rice: Walnuts, Sanka, and a Cow Named Garbo – Ann Dvorak’s Encino Ranch
October 2013 Central Library, 20 Years Later – https://vimeo.com/80201422
November 2012 Patrick Reagh: William Reagh – A Long Walk Downtown (co-sponsored by the Book Club of California)
February 2012 Galen Wilkes: From Vaudeville to the Nickelodeon, a History of the Illustrated Song